North Carolina

Located in Fayetteville, and just fifteen minutes from Ft Bragg, Black Ops Paintball and Airsoft is a safe, unique, and exciting experience for all skill levels.

  • Whether you are a Company Commander looking to customize a morale builder or training event for your troops, a family reunion with hundreds of players and spectators, or a walk on player, we will work to provide you a one of a kind experience!
  • Facility space rentals for special occasions, corporate meetings, military ceremonies etc. Indoor/Outdoor space is available Monday – Thursday.
  • Made in the USA Tippmann markers and tanks are available for rent. Interested in purchasing your own? Free one year membership ($100 value) to Black Ops Paintball is included with the purchase of any new paintball marker and HPA air tank.


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Black Ops prides ourselves in continually growing our paintball playing fields that span over 90 acres of terrain. We play on regulation PSP fields, various woodsball arenas, hyperball, and a mock up city. All fields are within close proximity to our 5000 psi air refill station, party room, pro-shop, and commercial indoor bathrooms.

Multi-Field Play: There is no additional charge for multi-field play. (Walk on Games are assigned by referee and non-speedball markers are not allowed on tournament fields.) Walk on games are announced and started by referees.

Speedball Field

Black Ops has the only regulation sized, turfed, and fully stadium lit field in the Carolinas as well as a grass field. We regularly have open play Friday evenings "Friday Night Lights" and will gladly stay late for a dozen or more players that want to put in work into the night. Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons are always busy days on the field, our guest teams compete in CFOA, PSP, and EPL and NSL.

Hyperball Fields

Classic Hyperball, 2 foot, 3 foot, and even 4 foot diameter double walled pipe on beautifully maintained grass turf!

Woodsball Arenas

We have acres of unique woodsball playing fields. Our P.O.W. camp, trenches field, pond field, and our recently added compound field, allow players to spread out games even on the busiest days. Our fields have many unique features including: sandbag bunkers, foxholes, towers, bridges, ponds and creeks, natural cover, pillboxes, an underground conex, roads and vehicles.

Pipes Field

The Pipes field features hundreds of concrete culverts set in a grid pattern of complex angles. Run from cover to cover, and fight your way through to victory!

The Compound

Come check out Black Ops' newest addition, the compound. Featuring a two story military-grade pillbox and a 30' tower overlooking a connex village. A perfect field for assault and defend game modes.


Get your waiver, wristband, BBs, rental equipment, and directions to airsoft designated parking at the Black Ops proshop.

Standard Operating Procedure

  • Barrel bags on while off the playing fields.
  • Eye pro stays on while on the field. No mesh goggles.
  • Under 18 must wear full face mask. Over 18 may wear full seal goggles/safety glasses.
  • Call your hits or leave. When in doubt call it out.
  • All guns must be magazine free in designated safe zone and parking area.
  • Everyone must have and use a “kill rag.”
  • No unauthorized equipment.
  • Referees decisions are final.
  • No verbal abuse or physical contact.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on the field
  • No blind firing. Full facemask required for all players under 18 years of age.
  • Everyone must sign a waiver, Have a wrist band, and Crono before playing.
  • Friendly fire, gun hits, mask hits, helmet hits, toe hits, all count as a hit.
  • No real firearms or knives allowed on the field.
  • Absolutely no firing in the stain areas or parking lots.
  • No full auto fire within 30 feet (10 full paces).
  • Everyone must be at game brief to play. (no talking)
  • Ask for permission to use special weapons,IE pyro or smoke of any kind.
  • Absolutely no over shooting or shooting after calling hit.
  • Follow all directions from /combat controllers’
  • Tag rounds are NOT allowed


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25 BBS per second


We use your Joule measurement to determine your bracket. MED is Minimum Engagement Distance.

1st tier: RIFLEMAN

  • AEG 0-400 fps
  • HPA (1.5 joules)
  • NO MED on Semi
  • Full Auto MED 15ft

2nd tier: DMR

  • AEG or HPA (2 joules)
  • 50 ft MED

3rd tier: SNIPER

  • AEG or HPA (2.5 joules)
  • 100 ft MED

Field Map


We play a variety of the most popular paintball game types: Speedball, woodsball, mil-sim, capture the flag, zombies, etc.

Get a head start on your paintball adventure by filling out our waiver below.


Whether you're celebrating a graduation, wedding, or a birthday, your special day should receive special treatment. Our facility can accommodate a large number of guests, including a lunch area with barbecue grills and picnic tables. You can book your party by clicking on the "Book Now" button below or you may also call us at 910-876-4444 to make a deposit for a reservation over the phone.

  • Normally at least ten days notice is required to book a birthday/group party. (Earlier the better as spots fill up rapidly, especially on Saturdays)
  • Non-refundable deposit is required. See the pricing page for exact amount. We allow rescheduling under extenuating circumstances one time only, with at least 48 hour notice.
  • Birthday/group packages do not have exclusive use of fields; you will likely be sharing referees and field use with other customers, however, we do our best to accommodate special requests, and you will have a dedicated picnic table for dining, cake, etc.

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