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Quick Details

  • Airsoft Tippmann M4
  • Chest Rig
  • Remote Line 5000 Precision BBs
  • Unlimited Air
  • Private Ref
  • 16’ Picnic Table in the Airsoft Pavilion
Group Packages Fayetteville Park
Airsoft Birthday Party Package
Airsoft Birthday Party Package - Private Party
Open Play Fayetteville Park Saturdays and Sundays
Airsoft Entry & Rental Package

Black Ops Airsoft offers staging at the “Elite Force Pavillon,” Bathrooms, Parking, the Tippmann CQB indoor arena, and over 40 acres of playing fields, all dedicated to Airsoft.

Players must be at least 9 years old to play. Price is for up to 10 players – anyone extra can pay the regular walk-on price. Rental equipment is included for up to 10 and includes Tippmann M4, Chest rig, remote line, tank, mags, and 5000 BBs.

Note: Groups do not have exclusive use of fields and will likely be playing with others (unless booking Monday-Thursday)

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