Black Ops Airsoft CQB Arena now Open Sundays!

May 19, 2019 | Fayetteville, NC

$20 All day entry, Sundays are now CQB days at Black Ops Airsoft!



  • 1.3 Joules Max for all guns
  • Semi Auto Fire only
  • No climbing Bunkers
  • No moving bunkers
  • No blind firing
  • No moving into the opposing teams spawn (Marked my Red or Blue Lines)
  • All guns on safe and mags out outside of building
  • Eye Pro on at all times in building and spawn areas. No mesh goggles
  • Helmets highly recommended (concrete floors)
  • Low light! Tac lights strongly suggested!
  • No Lasers allowed (Red dot sights are fine).
  • Under 18 must wear full face mask. Over 18 may wear full seal goggles/safety glasses.
  • Call your hits or leave. When in doubt call it out.
  • Everyone must have and use a “kill rag.”
  • No unauthorized equipment.
  • Referees decisions are final.
  • No verbal abuse or physical contact.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on the property.
  • No blind firing. Full facemask required for all players under 18 years of age.
  • Everyone must sign a waiver, Have a wrist band, and Crono before playing.
  • Friendly fire, gun hits, mask hits, helmet hits, toe hits, all count as a hit.
  • No real firearms or knives allowed on the field.
  • Absolutely no firing in the staging areas or parking lots. Even blank fire
  • Everyone must be at game brief to play. (no talking)
  • Ask for permission to use special weapons,IE pyro or smoke of any kind must be purchased at proshop.
  • Absolutely no over shooting or shooting after calling hit.
  • Follow all directions from /combat controllers’
  • Tag rounds are NOT allowed
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