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Quick Details

  • Airsoft Tippmann M4
  • Chest Rig
  • Remote Line 5000 Precision BBs
  • Unlimited Air
  • Private Ref
  • 16’ Picnic Table in the Airsoft Pavilion
Airsoft Birthday Party Package Available Daily
Airsoft Birthday Party Package
Private Airsoft Birthday Packages
Airsoft Entry & Rental Packages Saturdays and Sundays
0 Airsoft Entry & Rental Packages

Airsoft does happen at the same time as paintball. So make sure you check in at the Conex and standby for further instructions.

Players must be at least 9 years old to play. Price is for up to 10 players – anyone extra can pay the regular walk-on price. Rental equipment is included for up to 10 and includes Tippmann M4, Chest rig, remote line, tank, mags, and 5000 BBs.

Note: Groups do not have exclusive use of fields and will likely be playing with others (unless booking Monday-Thursday)

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