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Quick Details

Actions Scenario Events is a new partnership event creator with Black Ops. Action Scenario Events was created to produce FUN paintball events that we would want to play in. They do not focus on super competitive style events. Their scenarios are a little silly, and even their competitive events are based on fun and are structured that way. All of their events are family friendly.

Just Deux it will be the first of hopefully many more ASE events at Black Ops. It will be an action packed, fun two day scenario event. The event is January 15th and 16th. There will be free camping, bon fires, and amazing Saturday night Player Party. This will be one party you will not want to miss with lots of great food, LIVE music, drinks, Speedball games under the lights, and much much more. Players of all skill level are always welcome to join any event that is held at Black Ops. The event is sponsored by Black Ops, Hustle Kings, and ASE.

So don’t wait around until the last minute! Save some money and register today!

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