Cape Fear Rebellion II~~Please Read for Update

June 26, 2020 | 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM | Fayetteville, NC |

About the Event

Cape Fear Rebellion II – at Black Ops Airsoft in Fayetteville, NC!

– 3-Day Mega Event
– Raffle Prizes by Tippmann, Elite Force & Black Ops Airsoft
– Free Camping On Site

Official Sponsors: Tippmann / Elite Force / Enola Gay


Only last year Sothern Guerrilla Forces under General Snick Chris crushed Northern forces under Justin Mager & P90 Girl. The Northern Alliance was pushed out of Southern territory and later disbanded. A truce was signed giving Southern forces even more power and land rights and a super majority in Congress.
All is not well however, as non landholding southern veterans of the war were largely forgotten in the truce, signed and ratified only after their beloved leader General Snick retired from public service. Disenfranchised and forgotten, they now bear the brunt of high local taxes on small homes and trailers while the land barons pay only a nominal land recording tax.
After several attempts to negotiate with federal leadership veterans groups now find themselves more desperate than ever. Retired General Snick Chris announced he would go to Congress on behalf of his men to list their grievances and attempt to broker a peace deal with his peers in government. In clear weather, and with no sign of mechanical malfunction his plane went down over Virginia and no body was found. Enraged veterans suspect foul play and are now on the bring of war against their own government.


Government Team – TAN UNIFORMS
The North Team will be allowed to wear all variations of Tan, to include Multicam.

– Solid Tan Colors
– Solid Brown Colors
– Solid Grey Colors
– All Variations of Tan Camouflage

Forbidden Colors for Tan Side:
– Green and Black are forbidden colors for the North!
– Blue Jeans are forbidden for the North Team.
– There will be No Black Headwear (caps, Hemets, tobagins, etc) allowed.
– Chest Rigs may have some Black and Green colors, but must be primarily Tan in Color.


– Solid Green Colors
– Solid Black Colors
– Blue Jeans are allowed
– Flannel Shirts are allowed (All colors except Tan or Brown)
– All Variations of Green and Black Camouflage

Forbidden Colors for Green Side:
– Tan and Grey Colors are forbidden for the Green Team.
– There will be no Tan or Grey Headwear allowed.
– Chest Rigs may have some tan and grey colors (mag or drop pouch, belt etc), but must be primarily (at least 60%) Green or Black in Color.

SNIPERS for both side will be allowed to wear their current Ghillie Suits as long as they have some type of team identifier visible. It is preferred that Snipers for Tan, have a Tan themed Ghillie Suit and Green the same. If not, they must wear a cloth band with their teams color on both biceps.

***Generals, Details, and Planning Pages will be added please view this as a living document.

*Mid Cap magazines ONLY except for MGs*

RPS Limit

25 BBS per second

FPS Brackets

We use your Joule measurement to determine your bracket. MED is Minimum Engagement Distance.

1st tier: RIFLEMAN

  • HPA & AEG (1.5 joules)
  • NO MED on Semi
  • Full Auto MED 15ft

2nd tier: DMR

  • AEG or HPA (2 joules)
  • 50 ft MED

3rd tier: SNIPER

  • AEG or HPA (2.5 joules)
  • 100 ft MED

Sign in, Get your waiver, wristband, BBs, rental equipment, and directions to airsoft designated parking at the Black Ops proshop. (Main Building)

Standard Operating Procedures: Outdoor Fields

  • Full seal ASTM Eye pro stays on at all times while on the field. No mesh goggles.
  • Under 18 must wear full face mask. Over 18 may wear full seal goggles/safety glasses. Full face pro is highly recommended for all players!
  • All guns must be magazine free and clear (no round in chamber) off the field and in designated safe zone and parking area.
  • Everyone must have and use a red “kill rag.”
  • No unauthorized equipment. (riot shields, sharp or hard plastic knives etc) When in doubt ask an admin.
  • No verbal abuse or physical contact.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on the field
  • No blind firing.
  • Everyone must sign a waiver, Have a wrist band, and Crono before playing.
  • Call your hits or leave. When in doubt call it out.
  • Friendly fire, gun hits, mask hits, helmet hits, toe hits, all count as a hit.
  • No real firearms or knives allowed on the field.
  • Absolutely no firing in the staging areas or parking lots.
  • No full auto fire within 30 feet (10 full paces).
  • Everyone must be at game brief to play. (no talking)
  • Absolutely no over shooting or shooting after calling hit. No talking after being hit.
  • Follow all directions from /combat controllers’
  • Tag rounds may NOT be shot directly at players. Anyone that hits a player will be ejected from the field. Tag round hitting the side of a bunker “kills” all players inside.
  • Tag and EG 67 etc Grenades have a 10′ Kill radius. If a grenade goes off in your bunker you are out.
  • Referees decisions are final.



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