Our Fields

Black Ops prides itself in continuously growing its paintball playing fields that span over 50 acres of terrain. We play on regulation PSP fields, various woodsball arenas, hyperball, and a mock up city. All fields are within close proximity to our 5000 psi air refill station, party room, pro-shop, commercial indoor bathrooms, and certified tech.

Multi-Field Play: There is no additional charge for multi-field play. (Walk on Games are assigned by referee and non-speedball markers are not allowed on tournament fields.) Walk on games are announced and started by referees.

Speedball Fields


Black Ops has the only regulation sized, turfed, and fully stadium lit field in the Carolinas as well as a grass field. We regularly have open play Friday evenings "Friday Night Lights" and will gladly stay late for a dozen or more players that want to put in work into the night. Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons are always busy days on the field, our guest teams compete in CFOA, PSP, and EPL and NSL.


Hyperball Field

Classic Hyperball, 2 foot, 3 foot, and even 4 foot diameter double walled pipe on beautifully maintained grass turf!

Woodsball Arenas

We have acres of unique woodsball playing fields. Our P.O.W. camp, trenches field, pond field, and our recently added compound field, allow players to spread out games even on the busiest days. Our fields have many unique features including: sandbag bunkers, foxholes, towers, bridges, ponds and creeks, natural cover, pillboxes, an underground conex, roads and vehicles.


Pipes Field 

The Pipes field features hundreds of concrete culverts set in a grid pattern of complex angles. Run from cover to cover, and fight your way through to victory! 

The Compound

Come check out Black Ops' newest addition, the compound. Featuring a two story military-grade pillbox and a 30' tower overlooking a connex village. A perfect field for assault and defend game modes.

Airsoft Field

Black Ops has expanded to airsoft with a dedicated field now open to the public!
Events are organized and refereed by Black Ops local pro team, Team Hydra.