Blast your friends with FUN!

Established in 2012 by combat veterans, Black Ops Paintball/Airsoft is a safe, unique, and exciting experience for all skill levels. At Black Ops, we take pride in continually adding to our playing arenas to create the most exciting and dynamic field environments. Over 85 acres, Located in Fayetteville, just twenty minutes from Ft Bragg.

-We are flexible! Whether you are a Company Commander  looking to customize a morale builder or training event for your troops, a family reunion with hundreds of players and spectators, or a walk on player we will work to provide you a one of a kind experience!

-Facility Space Rentals for Special Occasions, Corporate Meetings, Military Ceremonies etc. Monday-Thursday Indoor/Outdoor Space Avail. 

-Made in the USA Tippmann markers and Ninja tanks are available for rent. Interested in purchasing your own? Free one year membership ($100 value) is included with the purchase of any new paintball marker and HPA air tank.




We play a variety of the most popular paintball game types: Speedball, woodsball, mil-sim, capture the flag, zombies, etc. Get a head start on your paintball adventure by filling out our waiver below.


Birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, church youth groups and group outings, we make it easy with all inclusive rental packages. Experience the best paintball park in the Carolinas on your next special event!


We feature many different playing fields; Two regulation speedball fields (Speedball play only), acres of woodsball, hyperball, village, and compound will suit competitive and recreational play.

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