Frequently Asked Questions

Waiver for Play

The Waiver can be downloaded at the link below and filled out before arrival to save time or in case a parent or legal guardian will not be present at time of play. All children under age 18 must have a responsible guardian 21 or older sign their waiver to be allowed to play paintball or airsoft at Black Ops. 

What should I wear?

Long pants are recommended (strongly recommended... Unless you're Chuck Norris, then you can wear anything). We suggest a long sleeve t-shirt. Camouflage is not necessary, but it will help you blend in (and not get hit). Hiking shoes/boots are recommended for ankle support, but tennis shoes will do. Be sure to dress for the weather if it looks like it could rain. Layers are good in case you get hot during play. Gloves are preferred by some, a knuckle shot can sting a bit.

Does paintball hurt?

It depends on the amount of clothing your wear, how close to the shooter you are, and the speed of the ball. Generally, it’s like getting a good smack from a dry towel or a racquet ball (only much smaller). It might leave a welt, but that just gives you something to show off come Monday.

Does the paint wash out?

Yes. Our paint is completely washable and bio-degradable. You may want to bring something to put on the car seat for the drive home. It is kind of difficult to throw the car seats in the wash. Black Ops has outdoor graveled wash areas to hose off dirty shoes etc. 

How old do you have to be to play?

Our recommended age is 10 years old for regular paintball, 6 years old for low-impact splat master paintball. Children as young as 8 are permitted to play regular paintball with guardian consent. Also, all paintball players must be able to fit the goggles, no matter what their age, before they can play. All players under 18 need a waiver form signed by their parents or guardian in order to play. This form can be filled out in advance and brought to the field on game day. Parents do not need to be at the field. 

Is it dangerous?

Like any active sport, there is always a possibility of accidents. As long as the safety gear is worn and the rules are followed, paintball has been proven to be the one of safest sports available. Safer than golf in fact. Our most common injury are ankle sprains from the rough terrain, which is why we recommend high top hiking shoes or boots. 

Can I bring my own paint?

NO. Black Ops is a FIELD-PAINT-ONLY field. That means that we do not allow outside paintballs in our arena. We provide a quality bio-degradable paintball that breaks on impact (rather than a painful bounce), that is good for use with all types of paintball markers. This policy is in place to ensure we comply with insurance, safety, and environmental standards.

How much paint will I use?

All players play the game differently, so each person uses a different amount of paint. Most players will make do with however much (or little) they have. We’ve found that the average player uses about 200-700 paintballs in an afternoon of play (some will use more, some will use less). The best thing to do is purchase paint by the case, if possible, since the cost per case is the least expensive way to get additional paintballs. If you have any paintballs left over, you’re welcome to take them home with you and bring them back for use next time you play, keep in mind they last aprox 2-3 months when stored in appropriate temperature controlled environments (store them inside your home not in the garage). If paintballs appear to be hardened or decaying they will not be permitted to be used to protect our customers from getting hit with old/hard paintballs. 

Is Black Ops responsible for theft of my paintball or belongings?
No. We cannot reimburse you for lost or stolen goods INCLUDING paintballs! With over 150 customers on site at a given time it is extremely likely that someone will help themselves to your paintballs if they are left out unsupervised on a park bench or table. We have lockers available if you bring a padlock, or you can store them in your vehicle if everyone in your party is playing on the field at the same time. 

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also have an ATM onsite.

Is there food or drink available?

Yes! We have a fully stocked convenience store with Pepsi products, Gatorade, cold water, chips, candy bars, jerky, and much more. We also have drinking fountains for your convenience.

You’re welcome to bring your own food (we have a refrigerator and freezer for cake and ice cream), order pizza, and/or refreshments EXCEPT ALCOHOL. We ask that you don’t bring anything in glass containers. Also available are our picnic areas, cast iron grills, and indoor and outdoor picnic tables. We have a play area with a large sandbox, monkey bars etc for younger children. 

Does Black Ops offer refunds?

Black Ops will give refunds or store credit at its discretion. There are no refunds on paintballs, as we can't resell used paintballs. The birthday package or large group deposit is non-refundable. However, if you need to reschedule for any extenuating circumstances you may do so one time, within 48-hours of your scheduled date, and apply your deposit towards the new date. Special circumstances may warrant an exception to this policy such as a death or sudden military deployment that would make rescheduling impossible or improbable. In such cases Black Ops Paintball may issue refunds at its discretion. 

Does Black Ops offer any memberships?

Black Ops offers three very competitive membership options that will save you $$$, check them out at our pricing page.

Can I leave my children at Black Ops Paintball?

Black Ops is not a day care! Please do not leave children under 13 years of age without supervision! That is against state law and considered child abandonment! Please don't put us in that position! 

How much does it cost to get into paintball?

Paintball doesn't have to be expensive! Our recommended starter set up is a Tippmann 98 marker that costs approximately $125.00, a Ninja 3000 PSI compressed air tank $49.95, and an anti-fog mask $29.00-$49.99. So for just over $200 you can be playing paintball with gear that will last a lifetime. I got my first Tippmann 98 when I was 9 years old and it's still running strong and has been through my two brothers.

Does Black Ops offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer a 10% hero discount for military, police, EMS, Firefighters and teachers with valid ID. We also offer Methodist University students a 10% discount with current ID. Our group discounts are substantial for groups of 20 or more, the pricing for our Basic Package goes from 34.95 to 24.95 and our Ranger Package goes from 49.95 to 34.95. Thats a HUGE savings of $200 or $300!!! Please note that discounts can not be stacked and the Birthday Party Packages are already extremely discounted. 

Does Black Ops host Air-Soft / MIL-SIM play?

Yes! Call to book.

What is Black Ops Paintball MFPS for Markers?

300  feet per second maximum. Chronographer on site.

What is the NSL or National Speedball League?

The NSL is an affordable, exciting, and fast paced team sport. Black Ops proudly endorses the NSL and frequently hosts NSL events. Contact us if you would like to join the NSL or learn more about the future of speedball! 

The NSL website is:

Facebook page is: